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Hey! Unpublished novelist! I’m talking to you.

I made you something.

I made Bitch Stole My Idea just for you because as we speak, someone else is writing your book.

  • Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book but felt overwhelmed or intimidated by the process
  • Maybe you’ve been keeping your light under a bushel…and feel timid or shy or just downright scared to say these words outloud, “I’m a writer”
  • Maybe you just need a kick in the ass

Been there. Done that. Selling the maps.

You’ve waited long enough. It’s time to write.

I have a little philosophy when it comes to writing—especially when I get stuck or don’t like where things are going with a piece.

“You can’t edit nothing—but you sure can edit crap.”

In other words, put something on the page, give yourself something to work with—even if it makes your skin crawl—let it percolate, and come back for editing. You’ll be so surprised at how clear the path has become with this little trick. And if you can’t trick yourself…who can you trick?

There are so many great sites and blogs that will help you as you write—whether you’re blogging, wanting to write an e-books, copywriting or novels. I thought I’d share some of my favorites to get you started in your quest for information.



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  1. The excellent summary helped me a lot! Bookmarked your blog, extremely great topics just about everywhere that I see here! I really appreciate the info, thanks.

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