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Posted on Oct 14, 2010 in change | 0 comments


by Jill MacGregor

A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer.

–Ralph Waldo Emerson

Very often, there is a moment, a physical place in time where things change. A shift takes place and it may feel subtle at the time but the results can be significant. It’s probably safe to say that this change has been tracking you for awhile and you sensed *something* but you chose to ignore it. You heard the twigs snap in the distance, you saw the birds suddenly fly away startled, but you chalked it up to a coincidence, your imagination, nothing.

Sometimes it’s a change within you. Sometimes it’s a change in things around you. Many times, it’s both.

Guess what? The wind is blowing. The air is crackling with electricity. Your hair is standing on end. And you are seconds away from getting hit with a lightning bolt of realization—like it or not.

The moment you understand just how far you’ll go

And this can mean so many things: how far you’ll go to make things right, to prove your point, to fight for what you believe in. There’s an unwavering place in you that is made up of strength and hope and your truest words and once that kicks in, do stand back. Your commitment begins to inform your fears about what must occur and at that moment, there is no turning back. You know and the question doesn’t get asked again.

When it becomes clear who’s got your back

Trust is an orchid. Delicate and beautiful, it doesn’t grow just anywhere and it requires a specific type of care for it to thrive.

There’s so much power in knowing who to trust. It’s an important discovery when you learn whose hand will be reaching for yours when times get rough.

The moment you understand that there’s something missing

Like the eternal search in your emotional junk drawer, this moment is a dull thud—you thought you had it, you thought you knew what it felt like but you can’t find it anywhere—not even a trace. Because it’s just not there. Maybe you’ve been filling in the blanks on its behalf for years, combining element A and element B in an attempt to create what was missing.

This moment is usually accompanied with a hard swallow and a faraway look. Be brave—whether you realize it or not, you’ve just begun to make room for that thing or person that you will need.

The moment you stop being afraid

This usually occurs right after you are fed up with all that has been holding you back, holding you down, holding your head under. Your frustration suddenly becomes larger than your fear and, in a moment of exasperation (mixed with courage), you discover you’ve done something incredibly important.

You’ve just stepped away from the sinkhole.

The result is very important: you finally understand that you can do anything. You are bigger than your fear.

When you see who might serve you up for supper

You thought you could trust them and suddenly—POW—this thing, this omission, this commission—and you understand that you’re really not as safe with this person as you once thought. They don’t have your best interests at heart—they’re considering their own entertainment, their own way to profit, their next puppet. What’s happened is far more than an error in judgment.

It’s a hollow moment to discover you’ve been wrong but it’s more important to learn who is and isn’t reliable in your life.

The moment you understand you deserve all of the love

Yes, YOU. All of it, not just some. You’ve spent a lot of time protecting yourself and there have been too many times when you pushed people away, just to see if they’d come back. You created impediments for no reason, picked unnecessary fights—in other words, you spent a lot of time creating an elaborate emotional obstacle course that people had to cross just to reach you.

Eventually, the care and upkeep on your obstacle course even begins to exhaust you and someone slips through. They reach you, rather catch you unaware and before you have a moment to resume battle plan, you notice this feels rather nice, thank you. And purely as a social experiment, you decide to see what it would feel like if you perhaps took down the barbed wire and let others in closer.

And that was the beginning of the end for you. More only led to more.

So continue to rock that one…

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