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Posted on Jun 2, 2010 in favorites | 0 comments

35 Shots of Truth

By Jill MacGregor

I have a tendency to read things, like titles and headlines, with some of the letters jumbled. You say dyslexic, I say busy. When I discover my mistake it usually makes me laugh and then think. One day, I read ’35 shots of truth’ and loved the image it created in my mind. Then I noticed it said ’35 shots of rum’

Before we start, here are 2 shots of truth from my recent trip with fabulous friends to the Keys:

  • If you don’t know who the asshole is after 3 days, it’s you.
  • Once the room is spinning, it’s foolish to ask what caused it.
  • Just as 35 shots of rum may be more than you can take at one sitting–please handle the items below responsibly. wink

    1. Inspiration is an excuse created by a lazy person who needed an reason for not having accomplished something. Inspiration is a tiny ingredient in the recipe of creation—the other 98% consists of hard work, knowing when to start over with a new approach and listening to that voice that tells you *you can do it* when you think you cannot.
    2. All the things, all the jobs, all the money are not who you are—so mind the importance you give them.
    3. Begin to think of your soul as having a metabolism. The more you feed it, the more you make it work, the more effective and high performing it will become.
    4. Even if you feel crappy, deciding to act the way you want to feel will always make you feel better. The choice is always yours.
    5. Now, without hesitating, answer this question. If you could do anything, anything at all, what would it be? Ok, now with that thing in mind—what’s keeping you from doing it? Is it fear or money? Ruminate on this one for a while and, remember, you have all the answers.
    6. One of the most challenging things in life is to identify the people who will put you first—and to put them first, as well.
    7. We are designed to heal. Healing is often times the hardest thing we ever have to do—not living through the pain of our injuries.
    8. Love. That’s all. Just love.
    9. There’s no reason to be shy about what you want. You deserve every happiness and the only person standing in the way of that happiness, may be you. Ask for what you want every day until you get it. The tricky part: you have to know what you want before you ask for it.
    10. Fear is a compass and your truest navigational device. If you are afraid, you should probably do the thing that scares you.
    11. Your biggest struggle will eventually become the greatest gift you will be given. In the end, you will be changed, you will be stronger, you will be kinder—you will be a better version of yourself.
    12. We all come together for a reason and it’s your job to understand what each person is here to teach you –and you them.
    13. You always have a choice. It may not be the choice to do something or not do something—but it will always include the choice to handle the situation with grace or openness.
    14. Tell someone your secret today. Your secret dream, your secret shame, your secret talent. Whatever it is that you put *secret* in front…well, it’s time to start talking about it. Shame and fear are fed by secrecy—making them much larger and stronger than they deserve. Dreams and talent will only grow in the light.
    15. Things can grow in the most surprising places—watch for what blooms and thrives in a crack in the sidewalk. Take a lesson.
    16. Change is the one thing you can always count on. You can’t hide from it—it will always find you and probably bring its friends—uncomfortableness, avoidance and fear. But you all met at the last party—no reason to act shy this time around.
    17. Before you judge, take a moment to find out what motivates the behavior that offends you. Many times you’ll find it has very little to do with you personally but is driven by fear or pain that the other person doesn’t know how to articulate.
    18. Look at what pain is trying to teach you instead of creating diversions so that you don’t have to experience it. Pain will not stop knocking on your door until you embrace the lesson its offering.
    19. You can strengthen any weak muscle—emotional or otherwise—if you work at it. Nothing is impossible but the first step is always yours.
    20. Love the ever-changing, mirage-like face of your goals. What we think we want isn’t always what we actually want as we get closer to wrapping our arms around it.
    21. Each time you feed your fear, you make it stronger. Instead, grab your fear by its ear, drag it into the light and stare at it nose to nose until it becomes uncomfortable. The only one giving your fear the power is YOU.
    22. You are wonderful. You can do anything. Your imperfections are glorious. Every day.
    23. You are in charge of your life. If you feel otherwise, it’s because you gave someone your keys and told them they could drive. What are you going to do about that?
    24. Shut up and do it. Talking and doing are not the same thing. Begin to move forward today, even if the steps are small. You will feel so much better—and different—if you do.
    25. Perfect is rather boring. Waiting for things to be perfect keeps you from doing anything. Expecting people to be perfect will only result in disappointment. *Perfect* is a descriptor best used for the weather or how jeans make your ass look.
    26. You are so lucky. Do you see it? Everything is at your feet. Don’t waste your time pining for what you don’t have. Grab everything that is in front of you!
    27. Mind your words—they are powerful minions. Make sure you use them for good, not evil. Don’t let loose a bunch of mindless, flying monkeys designed to attack.
    28. People are in our lives are here to teach us things—good or bad—and to reflect the things we might need to work on ourselves—good and bad.
    29. You are surrounded by signs—it’s your job to spot them. Everything you need—the how’s, the what’s, the why’s—are flashing around you like neon, working hard to get your attention.
    30. We’re all on this path of becoming who were meant to be and we all move at different speeds. The patience you offer others while they travel down this sometimes bumpy road will also be the patience you hope for as you make your way.
    31. Know your exits. You will need to use them the moment you say *when*.
    32. Everything that you allow to tie you up in a knot—let go of it. Stare at it long and hard and know what it’s stirring up. Watch it instead of riding it. Leave the hog tying to the cowboys.
    33. The well is never going to run dry because goodness is infinite.
    34. Nothing lives long, trapped in a jar—even though it’s so pretty and so safe to look at in its glass cage. Give your hopes and dreams an environment where they can spread their wings and fly off in a direction you didn’t expect.
    35. Like a spark jumping from one point to another, you can create the change in other’s lives. Take the goodness and smear it all around like melted chocolate. Maybe you shouldn’t pick and choose who gets it…just cover everyone in all the warm goo –including yourself.

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